At bpost bank & DDB, we know that everyone is rich

At bpost bank & DDB, we know that everyone is rich

“You are rich.”

Yes, you got that right. You are rich too, perhaps richer than you might think. Richness is about much more than the money in your bank account. True richness is about the love we have for one other, about the values we hold dear, about appreciating the small things, which make life so precious.

For a bank to say that “You are rich” can be seen as a bold statement. Provocative, even. That is exactly why it is the starting point of the first bpost bank campaign following the renewed brand positioning. With this evolution bpost bank aims to be of added value in the daily financial lives of Belgians. The bank accompanies Belgians through clear language and transparent services, helping them to face financial ups and downs.

The campaign consists of two films, which are produced by CZAR and directed by Lieven Van Baelen. We discover the richness of a father rooting for his daughter on the pitch. In the second film we meet Maryssa. In her daily life she helps children with mental disorders and physical disabilities through hippotherapy.

Antoine de Bellefroid, art director at DDB, explains: “True richness is not about the size of your house of the amount of stuff you own. Chatting with friends, hugging your child or grandchild … These are the moments that make us rich. And before the pandemic hit, we too often have taken these moments for granted.”

Thierry Ballas, Head of Marketing Communication and Brand Management at bpost bank, concludes: “During these past four years we have worked hard together with DDB to increase bpost bank’s brand awareness. And with success. In this second phase, it is crucial to grow the consideration for bpost bank. This emotional and human campaign emphasises the start of an entirely new style of communication for bpost bank. Our goal is to touch our audience and to put forward our role of financial guide in the lives of Belgians.”

Check out the entire campaign below.

Client: bpost bank
Client Contact: Thierry Ballas, Katrien Sermijn
CD: Kwint De Meyer
Creation: Yannick Pringels, Antoine de Bellefroid
Copy NL: Jan Schraeyen, Jan Lammens
Strategy: Dieter Riemaeker, Jan Lammens
Connection Planner: Fiona Boyle 
Account Management: Melissa Bekaert, Molly Waeytens 
Design: Céline Godaert
DTP: Céline Godaert, Benjamin Hiffe, Vanessa Claes
Production & Sound: Make
TV Producer: Shana Duprez  
Director: Lieven Van Baelen 
Media: Space

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