Audi uses headhunters to find drivers for the new Audi A8.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 — Audi sets out in search of suitable drivers for its latest model: the new A8.
 The A8 is a high-end luxury sedan with a target group that is particulary hard to reach. To contact these people, Audi Belgium joins forces with renowned recruitment agency Sthree. In a new campaign with the slogan “Don’t call us for a test drive, our headhunters will call you”, Sthree goes looking for profiles eligible for a test drive with the new A8.

Shared values such as quality and innovation form the basis for this partnership between Audi and Sthree. Sthree brings the most qualified professionals into contact with high level companies and will use this speciality here to find the perfect test drivers for the new Audi A8. The Audi Contact Center in Belgium will then invite the selected candidates for an exclusive, 24-hour test drive. The approach will allow Audi to find the right target audience; profiles which would otherwise be difficult to reach.

The campaign, which features the headline “Don’t call us for a test drive, our headhunters will call you”, will start with posters, print and online bannering. In addition, an emailing campaign has also been planned that will personally invite each selected profile for a VIP test drive.

Note: Those who haven't been contacted by SThree can put themselves on the radar via #testAudiA8 on Twitter. These profiles will also be thoroughly screened by Sthree's headhunters before being called by Audi.



Advertiser: Audi Import Belgium    

Client: Philippe Gheeraert, Hubert Hollemaert      

Campaign: Launch 2013 Audi A8

Concept Agency: DDB Brussels   

Creative Director: Peter Ampe    

Creative Team: Rom&John     

Strategic team: Dominique Poncin & Maarten Van Daele    

Account Team: Axelle de Terwangne & Kirsten Vanderbeke       

Online team: Geert Desager, Emilie Piret & Simon De Pauw

Partners: Sthree, RCA, Emakina, Mojuice

Media: affichage, online, print       

On air:  02/12/13          


Audi A8: Don't call us for a test drive

Axelle Deterwangne

DDB Brussels

Peter Ampe

DDB Brussels