DDB Brussels launches European campaign for Volkswagen

Friday, January 15, 2016 — The DDB Brussels office was chosen to create the European launch campaign for the new Passat GTE. The production was done by the renowned production house Bubbles from Berlin.

For the launch of the new Passat GTE the DDB network launched a European briefing for all local branches. Each agency was given the opportunity to create the new Volkswagen campaign. DDB Brussels came out as the winner and received the chance to produce three online videos. The agency thereby appealed the Berlin production Bubbles with director Russell Bate, who also worked for Snickers.


FYI: the new Passat GTE is a plug-inhybride which is driven by an electric motor and a TSI engine of around 218 hp. The car offers three driving modes: Hybrid Electric and GTE. The GTE-Class delivers decent performance penalty. The campaign emphasizes the versatility of the vehicle and the technologies. 

Volkswagen Passat GTE - 3 Cars in one

Volkswagen Passat GTE - Race Camel

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