DDB recruits creatives in six seconds.

DDB Brussels has launched a new recruitment campaign for creative talent via Vine, Twitters' recently launched storytelling app. As the advertising world needs agile creatives able to convey very powerful messages in very limited amounts of time, Vine proves an ideal tool for Creative Directors needing to make a first selection. Today's agencies need individuals who embrace and master new technologies and media, who are able to demonstrate those skills and convince recruiters - in less than 6 seconds.

"Recruiters spend only 6 seconds looking at your resume," a study in Business Insider surprisingly revealed one year ago. For DDB, this was a troubling revelation. While the recruitment process is always taken to heart, we realized that we too were guilty of the same thing - and perhaps overlooking amazing talents. Recognizing that the Creative Director is probably one of the busiest people in an agency - from creative conception to managing teams, assessing ideas, attending client and internal meetings, somewhere in a packed day, new creative blood needs to be hired. It is clear where this is going and it was high time to come up with something different.

When Vine was launched, we quickly understood that this new service could become a convenient tool for recruitment purposes. All we needed to do was connect the dots. Vine presents a worthy challenge for both creative agencies and advertisers: develop the most simple and impacting brand messaging. In an era where brands chase consumers' short attention span, marketers must adapt. Agencies seek individuals who understand this, and who are willing to put their own individual "brand" to the test: as simple and fresh creative individuals defying conventions. Vine gives creative individuals a unique opportunity to showcase their talent.  

Today we invite all interested creatives to apply by uploading a 6-second application-video via Vine. In 6 seconds, applicants will convince Peter Ampe, Executive Creative Director, that they have what it takes to be a creative at DDB Brussels.

Some more comfortable in the conventional recruiting process might be concerned that there will be no more portfolio interviews - or 6-second stares at people's resumes. But we are convinced that this social experiment is highly relevant and worth its' try.   

To kick-off the initiative with creative students, we have added incentive: young creatives have until May 31, 2013 to  upload their Vines, adding the hashtag #ddbexpress.

Every single #ddbexpress video that was posted will be reviewed and on June 3, DDB will select and announce 10 finalists. Finalists will be invited to join the "DDB Express" train, direction Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Once on the "DDB Express", the remaining 10 finalists will work on creative briefs. At each stop, creative work will be assessed, and each time, a finalist will have to leave. The last two remaining finalists will go on to the prestigious festival and be rewarded by an invitation to join the creative department of DDB.

For more information: http://www.ddbexpress.be



Agency:  DDB Brussels
Executive Creative Director:  Peter Ampe
Creative Team : Rom&John, Loïc Ghirardello, Coline Dohon
Strategic Planner : Maarten Van Daele
Head of Digital: Geert Desager
Social Media Director : Bert Gybels
Design : Arnaud Hemroulle
Producer: Patricia Myard, Maarten Van Daele

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