DDB showcases innovative ideas with kickstarter platform

Monday, February 15, 2016 — DDB Brussels has launched a new kickstarter platform where visitors and employees can test disruptive concept gadgets and technologies. 

To inspire everyone at the office, DDB Brussels invested in a kickstarter stage. Both employees and clients can test disruptive gadgets and technologies and translate them into applications for brands. DDB provides a budget to support kickstarter ideas, buy and display them. 

The first DDB experiment is a ring that operates on the IFTTT principle (If This Then That). The ring recognizes certain hand movements and links these to various digital actions. 

Furthermore, DDB is exploring the use of various robots. They also invested in a ZANO drone. That purchase proved - unfortunately - how kickstarter projects can go wrong. The long-awaited aircraft never flew, because the start-up ceased to exist. 

Of course, life goes on. This year DDB plans to test three technological innovations. A great way to inspire employees and client