DDB signs letgo launch campaign in Belgium

Letgo, the free app that allows people to buy and sell second-hand goods, is launching its first national campaign in Belgium with two TV spots inspired by everyday situations.

The two TV spots shows the misadventures of consumers with their new purchases.

The first one « letgo of your drone » features a young couple trying their new drone in a living room and trashing the place in spite of themselves with the unexpected help of their cat.

The second spot « letgo of your leather jacket » tells the story of a young working girl arriving at her desk, happy to show her coworkers her new leather jacket, before she realized one of her colleagues bought the very same leather jacket.


Thanks to the letgo reflex, the three of them solved those two issues, by snapping, posting and chatting to sell easily their used goods. By playing on humor and relatable life situations, DDB and letgo put forward the simplicity of use of the application while giving it a recognizable identity to expand quickly its notoriety after launch.


DDB worked on the creation of the spots hand in hand with the production company Caviar and the director Franck Devos. The mixing was made by Grégory Caron.

The two spots will be on air until March, 26th as well as displayed on the Youtube platform and in movie theaters. They will be followed by two radio spots illustrating the simplicity of the letgo concept, taking this time a fridge and a handbag as examples.


Client : LETGO

Contacts : Lea Abud, Federico Vazquez

Agency : DDB Brussels


CD : Peter Ampe & Odin Saillé

Creation : Jonas Caluwé, Sven Van Hooydonck, Ralf De Houwer

Strategy : Dominique Poncin, Philippe Gerin

Account team : Francis Lippens,  Annelies Nyns & Maria-Laura Laubenthal

PR – Press Coordinator : Kenn Van Lijsebeth


TV Producer : Brigitte Verduyckt

Production company TVC : Caviar

Director : Frank Devos

Executive Producer : Ilse Joye

Producers : Geert De Wachter, Andreas Vermeulen

Music : Grégory Caron


Radio Producer : Brigitte Verduyckt

Production company : Sonicville

Radio director : Thierry Van Durme

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Kenn Van Lijsebeth DDB Brussels
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