'Don't google it' Belgian campaign of the year

Friday, January 30, 2015 — DDB and CEBAM got recognised at the 2014 Merit Awards. Our ‘Don’t google it’ campaign’ was awarded as ‘ Campaign of the Year’. 

By conveniently using Google AdWords, we alerted the population when they were googling their symptoms. For example, when you googled "twitching eyelid", the first result was the following message: "Don't google it, check a reliable source." We were able to use the word 'google' in the AdWords campaign since it's a verb in Dutch. After clicking through, they arrived on the medical site, which is recognised by the Flemish government. A short video on the site clearly warned you of the possible dangers of googling your symptoms. The goal of the campaign was to warn the population of the consequences of inaccurate health information and point the way to a reliable source of information. 

The Merit Awards, organised by Media Marketing, crown the Belgian agencies, advertisers and media who stood out in the past year. 800 people from the media, marketing and advertising sector saw DDB receiving the award for 'Campaign of the Year. The other finalists were 'Kind of Genius. Child "(Duval Guillaume - Seth & Riley's Garage) and 'Theater Commercials" (Famous - Theater aan de Stroom).

DDB was along with TBWA and eventual winner BBDO  also nominated for "Agency of the Year '.

"We are very proud and delighted to be able to say that the best Belgian campaign this year came from the DDB Brussels team. I would also like to thank CEBAM for this successful campaign." Concludes Yves Bogaerts, CEO of DDB Brussels.

Don't google It, check our casevideo.