DZIA & DDB create days full of colour for INNO

DZIA & DDB create days full of colour for INNO

From February to May, INNO dresses in its most beautiful colours. In a new campaign by DDB, the department store chain is collaborating with street artist DZIA to create a fresh, seasonal eye-catcher.

For INNO's new spring campaign, DDB saw a perfect match in street artist DZIA. The plan? Social media videos, declinations to POS, and as a colourful finale: the artist creating a mural at INNO in person.

Everything for days full of colour

Glittering flowers, ferns, fluttering insects... The colourful landscapes of DZIA treat the city to a refreshing spring breeze. Kwint De Meyer, creative director at DDB, explains: “The campaign, the mural, the shop windows ... everything catches the eye. DZIA's creations are organic. They breathe colour, freedom, spontaneity … exactly what people now need more than ever. And INNO's spring collection with colourful outfits, delicious scents and stylish lingerie sets fits in perfectly with that.”

Elly Zwinnen, merchandise & marketing director at INNO adds: “Our choice for a Belgian artist is the continuation of a tradition and with the urban art of DZIA we are targeting a younger audience. Because we want every generation to feel at home at INNO. Something that has already been translated into our renewed baseline: For You.”

DZIA has already made quite a name for himself and with over 32.000 followers on Instagram, the Antwerpian artist is in high demand from Europe to China.

DZIA: “INNO and I have something in common: my murals are an integral part of the city and accessible to everyone. Just like the INNO stores in all major cities around the country are open to everyone.”

From February 18 to May 4 you can admire the mural of DZIA in the Koolstraat (Rue aux Choux) in Brussels, where it literally brings you days full of colour.


Creative Director: Kwint De Meyer
Creation: Antoine de Bellefroid & Yannick Pringels
Social Creative: Ellen Potoms
Design: Glenn Vanhasselt
Strategy: Fiona Boyle
Account team: Alice Platteau, Soraya Hellara, Robbe Hemeleers
Mac Artist: Lea Leborgne

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