Hype Hype hooray for INNO

Hype Hype hooray for INNO

For 125 years, INNO has been writing its story with you.

INNO's latest campaign is revolves entirely around the 125th anniversary of the Belgian department store. We don't often realise it, but the chain has been an integral part of the Belgian landscape for 125 years. It has always had a presence in the high street of the country's major cities and has been the ally of all Belgians in their daily lives, as it has been  for generations. This is what the agency illustrates in an intuitive way in this new campaign.

“We are the Belgian department store that offers current fashion – and much more – on the shelves. Each member of the family can find what they are looking for with us.” Elly Zwinnen, Director of Merchandising and Marketing at INNO.

In addition to this emotional hook, great attention was also  also focused on the festivities surrounding the 125th anniversary and to consistency within the stores. To magnify this anniversary, DDB has imagined a merchandising concept that keeps a perfect balance between fashion and celebration.

Both campaigns have been translated into a social media approach that will be visible on all the brands social networks over the next 2 months.

Kwint De Meyer, Creative Director at DDB, explains: “It was not easy for the agency to find the rhythm of the shop floor. But through the combination of the emotional insight that everything in fashion returns,  and the festive fireworks of pampas grass decoration in the stores, we have succeeded in really involving the customer in INNO's birthday celebrations.”

For this campaign, DDB worked with Jef Boes, who has already put his name on a number of campaigns for INNO. For this timeless campaign, the models were dressed in clothes and accessories that are more fashionable than ever today, but were also fashionable many years ago. In this way, INNO shows that it has always at the forefront of fashion and thus remains relevant. Doing so, for 125 years! It deserves a celebration.

For visual merchandising, DDB worked with Noortje Palmers.

The campaign will take place in May and June and will come to life on social networks, YouTube, out of home, and of course in the 17 points of sale.



Creative Director: Kwint De Meyer

Creation: Antoine de Bellefroid, Yannick Pringels, Nicolas de Beaufort

Design: Glenn Vanhasselt, Gael Fouquet

Social Creative : Ellen Potoms

Strategy: Fiona Boyle

Account team: Alice Platteau, Lore Desmet, Marine Gasztonyi

Mac Artist: Patrizia Secci, Lea Leborgne, Vanessa Claes

Production: Make

Photography: Jef Boes

Photography: Noortje Palmers


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