IKEA and DDB Brussels squeeze radio ad into 1 text message.

Friday, November 8, 2013 — IKEA is known for its smart ways of making design affordable for everyone. One of the secrets behind IKEA’s success is its flat packaging. By making each pack as small as possible, both packaging and transport becomes a lot less expensive – which benefits the consumer.

IKEA and DDB have now applied this principle to their most recent ad campaign. The November kitchen promotion has been made nice and compact, by reducing the entire radio ad to a single text message.
How does it work? A short, 10-second ad asks listeners to text the word ‘kitchen’ to 8807 in order to receive the entire promotion. A couple of seconds later, they get a text back, providing them with IKEA’s complete kitchen offer.

Discover the radio ad here.


Advertiser:       IKEA Belgium
Clients:        Peter Jongert ; Christine Van den Winckel
Campaign:        Sms Radio Kitchen
Concept Agency:        DDB Brussels
Creative Director:       Peter Ampe
Creative Team:      Danny Vissers – Peter Ampe
Copywriter FR:    Jonathan d’Oultremont
Strategic team:       Dominique Poncin – Maarten Van Daele
Account Team:         Francis Lippens – Kaat De Brandt
Production manager:      Brigitte Verduyckt
Radio production:    Sonicville
Partner for mobile:    CM telecom
Media:        radio, mobile phone
On air:            08/11/2013

Kaat De Brandt

DDB Brussels

Peter Ampe

DDB Brussels