IKEA and DDB film the first wireless bungee jump

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 — A wireless bungee jump? Is it already possible? One thing is certain, it looks so real that everyone will surely go along with this story of the first wireless bungee jump. Now in theory, it could even be possible according to physics experts. 

The 3-minute mockumentary shows that the era of "wireless" is finally here. Yes, now everything is wireless, and even bungee jumping may soon be done without the  elastic attachment. In the meantime, IKEA launches an intelligent system allowing you to wirelessly charge your smartphone. No more hassle with wires, all you do is lay your smartphone on the wireless charger, beautifully incorporated in IKEA furniture.

Wireless Smartphone Charger
The technology that IKEA has built into its furniture is based on the Qi-standard, and this is supported by, amongst others, Samsung, HTC and Microsoft. For the most common models on the market that do not yet have a wireless charging function, IKEA has covers and cases available that can act as a Qi receiver.
The Wireless Charging Collection was launched on 15 April at the ‘Salone del Mobile’ in Milan and is now available in the Belgian IKEA stores. The collection is part of the Smart Home project in which IKEA “strives for innovative solutions to make life better at home”. More information about the collection is available at www.IKEA.be/rechargesansfil.


The first wireless bungee jump