IKEA and DDB: Make room for passion

A fun detail: the actors are also ex-skaters in real life.

IKEA and DDB Brussels today launched the 3rd TV spot around this year’s theme: “Bring your living room to life”. In a new and passionate film, we see a couple skating harmoniously in the living room to the tones of the famous French singer, Charles Aznavour. A fun detail: the actors are also ex-skaters in real life.

IKEA’s mission is to get Belgians to fully enjoy their homes, their time and their lives. The living room plays an essential role in this. The new IKEA TV spot shows a couple of older figure skaters once again enjoying ‘skating’ and reliving their passion. They do this by first moving the chairs, sofas and tables aside to create space and then slide around on their socks. This romantic scene takes them back to their glory days. The living room is totally transformed into a real ballroom and easily becomes the ideal setting to express their emotions and have fun.


IKEA believes that the living room plays a vital role in people’s lives. As the main room of the house, it can change function according to the moment, the situation and the time. IKEA wants to make Belgians aware of the potential of their living room and show them that they can easily adapt according to their needs.

The campaign - in digital, social and TV - was created together with the production company CZAR and director Joe Vanhoutteghem. The music is by Charles Aznavour.

Discover the result here.


Campaign: Make Room For Play

Client : IKEA Belgium

Contacts : Miguel Aguza, Peter Jongert

Agency : DDB Brussels


CD : Peter Ampe

Creation : Antoinette Ribas & Gregory Ginterdaele

Strategy : Dominique Poncin, Jorian Vanvossel

Account team : Francis Lippens,  Annelies Nyns & Maria-Laura Laubenthal

PR – Press Coordinator : Kenn Van Lijsebeth

TV Producer : Brigitte Verduyckt


Production: CZAR

Director : Joe Vanhoutteghem

Producer : Lander Engels

DOP : Nicolas Karakatsanis

Music : Charles Aznavour

Photography: John Stapels

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