IKEA shows us the essence of Christmas

'Operation Treenapping' is the brand's first Christmas commercial

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 — IKEA Belgium and DDB Brussels launched a contemporary Christmas tale today. The spot tells the story of three young boys who embark on an epic journey to reunite an unexpected friend with his family.

Operation Treenapping - as the spot is dubbed - is a metaphor-driven story with a message: the one thing that really matters during the holiday season is being together with the people you love. Miguel Aguza, head of communications, IKEA Belgium: “More than anything, the holiday season is about coming together and celebrating each other. Some people buy expensive gifts, others choose to simply cook a nice dinner, and put a candle on the table. To us, it doesn’t matter how you celebrate Christmas, we just want you to realise that the essence of Christmas is being together. And although the role of the brand might seem small in this story, it isn’t in real life. However you decide to celebrate your Christmas together, IKEA is there to help you”.

The spot was directed by UK director Bruce St Clair, and produced by Caviar. The soundtrack was composed by Peter Baert, head of sound studio Raygun. Operation Treenapping will air on TV, online, as well as in movie theaters. And it will also be supported by an outdoor campaign.


Client : IKEA Belgium

Contacts : Miguel Aguza & Peter Jongert

Agency : DDB Brussels


CD : Peter Ampe & Odin Saillé

Creation : Ralf De Houwer & Jonas Caluwé

Strategy : Dominique Poncin

Account team : Francis Lippens,  Annelies Nyns & Maria-Laura Laubenthal

PR : Kenn Van Lijsebeth


TV Producer : Brigitte Verduyckt

Production company TVC : Caviar

Director : Bruce St. Clair

Executive Producer : Ilse Joye

Producer : Thomas Hofman

Music: Raygun 

IKEA presents Operation Treenapping