DDB Brussels welcomes Naïm Baddich as Innovation Director. Naïm previously worked for Serviceplan where — together with Merel Van den Broeck — he was a creative leader for 1 year. At DDB Brussels, as an Innovation Director, Naïm will be responsible for the technological development of concepts, inspiring and guiding clients in further digitization of their products and services, performance, prototyping and everything concerning content and social strategy. On top of that, he’s now also become creative director Dieter De Ridder’s right-hand man.


A breath of fresh air has been brought to DDB since Dieter De Ridder took over the helm as CD at the beginning of this year. After a whole series of recruitments — from a new CFO to new creatives, accounts, digital and content producers — the creative agency located near Montgomery announces the arrival of a new profile: this time it’s Naïm Baddich, he starts today as Innovation Director.


Old friends

“I am really looking forward to working with the different talents at DDB,” says Naïm Baddich, “I want to help them set up strong, impactful and effective digital campaigns and I will also focus on digital inspiration and innovation. On top of that, I especially want to enjoy the cooperation with Dieter, we know each other from before and therefore already know that 1 + 1 in our case equals 3. We can quickly dive in with the clients. I’m looking forward to it.” Naïm Baddich started 13 years ago as Duval Guillaume Brussels’ Art Director, followed by Happiness Brussels, Publicis and Air, where Naïm and Dieter De Ridder met. It was Dieter, then CD at Air, who brought him in as a creative technologist. When Naïm got the chance to become a CD himself, they parted ways.


Naïm first became Digital Creative Director at Publicis and later Creative Director at Serviceplan where he worked on clients such as BASE, Mobistar, Orange, Toyota, Lexus, Renault, Delta Lloyd Life, BNP Paribas Fortis, Carrefour, Ferrero, Schweppes, Oasis, Nivea, Sanofi and ALS. He built up a beautiful creative honors list with, among others, 7 Cannes Lions, 9 Eurobest Awards, 1 Grand Prix Eurobest, 3 Webby Awards and 5 Mixx Awards.


4 in 1

Dieter De Ridder, creative director at DDB Brussels, is also enthusiastic about the great future opportunities that this new addition offers. “I am very happy that Naïm and I are working together again,” he says. “He is an all-in-one creative director, digital strategist, digital producer and creative technologist. That is 4 functions in 1 person! The five of us (wink-wink) can easily extend DDB’s capacity  to become an even smarter, more impactful, more creative and effective agency than it already was, which means we will be more than relevant in the future for our clients.















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To solve our client’s business issues, we favor our people’s skills instead of the latest buzzwords. Bringing together our people’s talent in strategy, technology, creation and production under one roof results in "work that works”.

Our long-standing experience with people-focused brands (VW, IKEA, Studio Brussel, bpost bank, DKV, letgo, De Persgroep…) inspires an internal culture based on creativity & humanity. This helps us come up with creative business solutions that interact with how people behave today. Our solutions go beyond what is traditionally labeled as advertising and can propel a brand for years.

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