New Audi A4 puts pedestrians in the spotlight

Monday, October 12, 2015 — Audi Import has launched the new Audi A4 with a striking stunt at Brussels Central Station. To demonstrate that the new model is equipped with safety adaptive Matrix LED headlights, pedestrians and cyclists were literally put in the spotlight by a towering billboard.


In a world where pedestrians are enjoying more freedom, cyclists brave the daily traffic and moped riders weave between lanes, the new Audi A4 brings better safety to the city. To get this message across, DDB Brussels came up with a new outdoor campaign.

At the launch of the new and highly anticipated Audi A4, DDB focused on advanced technology. Audi is renowned for its unique, elegant and safe adaptive headlights. To highlight this fact, the agency used an immense - 210 m² - billboard. Pedestrians and cyclists who passed by the giant board were literally put in the spotlight. Just like the adaptive headlights on the Audi A4 do. In this way Audi proves that technology is not only beautiful, but it can also be safe. This action was supported by a national banner campaign.


Client: Audi Import 

Marketing Manager: Frédéric Hurchon

Advertising Manager: Hubert Hollemaert

Agency: DDB 

Creative Director: Peter Ampe & Odin Saillé

Creative Team: Rom&John 

Strategy: Dominique Poncin & Maarten Van Daele 

Account team: Axelle de Terwangne, Olivia Naudts

TV-Producer: Brigitte Verduyckt 

PR: Kenn van Lijsebeth

Production company: Wenneker

Director: Peter Neyt

Media: Clear Channel Baudouin Van de Berg

The new Audi A4 puts pedestrians in the spotlight