New print: Volkswagen Load/Unload by DDB Brussels

DDB Brussels has created a new campaign for the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi. In a series of three print ads, DDB illustrates the Caddy’s exceptional load space. The message: thanks to a handy rear and sliding side door, it’s amazingly easy to load.

To show the exceptional load space of the Caddy Van, DDB Brussels made creative use of the handy (rear and sliding) doors. With an outstanding load volume of 4.2m3, the Caddy Maxi Van is one of the longest commercial vehicles in its category. In addition to the rear door, it has a sliding side door which makes loading very easy.

To get the message across, DDB Brussels chose a cool visual. The B2B campaign which followed played further on the brand’s strength. This was reflected in a print campaign executed by photographer Pierre Pironet. The creative work consists of three ads which will appear in both outdoor and print.


Title : Caddy Maxi load/unload

Client : Volkswagen CVI

Marketing Manager : Marc Donner

Advertising Agency : DDB Brussels, Belgium

Creative Director : Peter Ampe  / Odin Saillé

Creative : Rom&John

Copywriter : Jonathan d’Oultremont / Bart Van Goethem

Account : Quentin Maryns

Graphic designer :  Benjamin Hiffe

RTV producer : Brigitte Verduyckt

Photographer: Pierre Pironet

PR : Kenn Van Lijsebeth

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