Two out of five submissions of DDB Brussels for De Standaard Solidariteitsprijs are victorious.

Two out of five submissions of DDB Brussels for De Standaard Solidariteitsprijs are victorious.

No less than five submissions for De Standaard Solidariteitsprijs carried the signature of DDB Brussels this summer. The ad for ‘Gezondheid en Wetenschap’ walked away with gold in the non-profit category, while the ad for ‘Ancienne Belgique’ won silver in the category of cultural organisations.

It was the 18th time already that Belgian newspaper De Standaard organised its annual contest to highlight the important work of local non-profit organisations. And due to COVID-19, cultural organisations also had the opportunity to take over the newspaper’s back cover to spread their cry for help. After a first selection, 30 ads appeared in De Standaard. The winners were announced past Saturday. This fall they will receive another two free pages to make their message heard.

In the NGO category, the avert that DDB made for ‘Gezondheid en Wetenschap’, meaning ‘Health and Science’, was appreciated by the jury the most and went home with gold: “In times of fake news, doctor Google and an increasing number of conspiracy theories, trustworthy information is crucial.” Those who only read the ad’s remarkable headline, possibly just ate half a newspaper.

DDB Brussels was fortunate to give visibility to multiple NGO’s and cultural organisations. The advert for ‘Ancienne Belgique’, a renowned music venue in the heart of Brussels, was awarded with silver in the category of cultural organisations. In addition, DDB also made the selection with creative work for ‘Alzheimer Liga Vlaanderen’, ‘Opnieuw en Co’ and S.M.A.K., the Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent. Even though most of us were working from home, it still was a solidary summer at DDB Brussels.

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