Volkswagen and DDB Brussels attach wobblers to meteo-cams.

Friday, July 12, 2013 —
Belgians always have the weather on their minds. The proof: each month up to 3 million people consult the images of meteo-cams on the Belgian coast. Volkswagen and DDB Brussels respond nifty to this matter by introducing a new medium: the so-called meteo-wobblers. The wobblers are actually banners that have been attached to the webcams.

The wobblers can now be seen for the first time via the live images of As another sunny weekend has been predicted, the wobblers promote the new Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio - a car designed to enjoy the sun to its fullest. By simply clicking on the wobbler, a test drive with the New Beetle Cabrio can be booked. The action adds up to the innovative character of Volkswagen.



Advertiser   Volkswagen
Customer Intelligence & Marketing Manager   Nicolas Deturck
Advertising Manager   Tony Peetermans
Brand   Volkswagen
Titles     Meteo-Wobbler
Concept Agency    DDB Brussels
Creative Director   Peter Ampe
Creative Team  Rom&John, Peter Ampe
Lay out   Arnaud Hemroulle
Strategic Planner   Maarten Van Daele
Account Team     Sylvie De Couvreur, Filiz Temur, Quentin Maryns
Online Project Manager   Emilie Piret
On air     July 2013

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