Volkswagen and DDB are planning the comeback of the music cassette

Not only are vinyl records on the rise again, but if Volkswagen Belgium has a hand in it, old music cassettes will soon make a comeback. Volkswagen has just released an authentic audio cassette bearing the hits from the 70s and 80s. The carmaker is doing this for many owners who still possess a Volkswagen oldtimer and adds a unique collectors item to its service 'Classic Parts ". Where VW fans can get original parts and accessories for their beloved oldtimers.

Oldtimer collectors often deal with the same concern: does the maintenance and repair of their valuable vehicles jeopardize their historical character. For several years now, Volkswagen offers a unique service for classic VW owners. Collectors do not have to search years for a missing piece, but they can rely on the 'Classic parts' service to order their original parts, spare parts or accessories.

Authentic radio with cassette

An important, but often-incomplete part in an oldtimer: the cassette radio. As audio tapes are getting harder to find, this particular medium is now threatened with extinction.  The quality of authentic specimens leaves much to be desired. Therefore Volkswagen Belgium devised an original way to revive the audio cassette. Proud owners of a classic VW got a brand new cassette in their mail featuring the best international hits and anthems from the 70s and 80s. This way their original radio stays as valuable as back in the days. With the help of Belgium’s Volkswagen Classic Club, we could get our hands on a list of drivers. Each of them received a letter containing an audio-cassette, and a 10% reduction on all original VW pieces for their oldtimer car. DDB worked with Sony Music Belgium to obtain the distribution rights for this unique compilation.  The full tracklist of the cassette is available on 



Title : Classic Parts Mixtape

Client : Volkswagen Classic Parts, Group Service

Advertising Agency : DDB Brussels, Belgium

Creative Director : Peter Ampe  / Odin Saillé

Creative : Jonathan d’Oultremont 

Copywriter : Jonathan d’Oultremont / Bart Van Goethem

PR : Kenn Van Lijsebeth

Graphic designer : France Cleves, Benjamin Hiffe

Account Team : Quentin Maryns, Rachel Van Nevel

CRM Manager : Karen Van Dyck

RTV producer : Brigitte Verduyckt

Production company : Sony Music

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