When moving, DDB Brussels found the perfect place to showcase its creative prizes.

When moving, DDB Brussels found the perfect place to showcase its creative prizes.

In 2021, DDB Brussels moved to a new building. In our boxes: a new management team, a new dynamic, and new clients. But also, a lot of creative awards, for which we found the perfect place.

DDB Brussels moved to its brand-new offices in Zaventem (Excelsiorlaan 75-77 if you want to come and say hello). And when we moved, we had a lot of creative awards that have marked moments in the rich history of our renowned agency. Moments that we like to honor. But… we also wondered where we would put all that gold, silver and bronze in the new offices.

So we decided to say goodbye to them and give them a better place than collecting dust on our cabinets: on our award-winning customers’ desks. Why? A creative award is the result of hard work for everyone involved but most importantly, an incredible amount of risk-taking on their part, so we decided to turn our creative awards into rewards for our brave clients.

Prizes such as a Eurobest Grand Prix, Cannes Lion, EFFIE or CB Award all became rewards for all our brave (former) customers, making them really shine again.

The result? Clients, old and new, were delighted to receive and display their award on their desk. The ultimate reward for dare and trust.

We call this gesture "DDB Rewards, turning awards into rewards for brave clients.”.


Client: DDB Brussels
CD: Kwint De Meyer
Creation: Yannick Pringels, Antoine de Bellefroid
Creation support: Jan Schraeyen, Florian Decoster, Sara Bergers, Fran Scheers
Strategy: Dieter Riemaeker
Project Manager: Helene Koole 
Design: Sven Verfaille
Managing Director of Unexpected Works: Maarten Vanthemsche

About DDB Brussels

To solve our client’s business issues, we favor our people’s skills instead of the latest buzzwords. Bringing together our people’s talent in strategy, technology, creation and production under one roof results in "work that works”.

Our long-standing experience with people-focused brands (VW, IKEA, Studio Brussel, bpost bank, DKV, letgo, De Persgroep…) inspires an internal culture based on creativity & humanity. This helps us come up with creative business solutions that interact with how people behave today. Our solutions go beyond what is traditionally labeled as advertising and can propel a brand for years.

With a headcount of around 60 people, we are large enough to take up the most serious challenges, while remaining agile enough to respond in real-time to new opportunities.

DDB Brussels
Excelsiorlaan 75-77
1930 Zaventem